We encourage innovation.

We at Digital Aero Technologies believe that innovation is the force that drives the world forward. Therefore, we work to build a strong ground for innovation and technology to prosper.

Our international holding Digital Aero Technologies unites technology-driven and forward-thinking aviation companies, covering various tech areas and fields – from news and recruitment to smart tools and online platforms.

Our companies provide excellent services across the globe to both businesses and individuals and share solid aviation and technology expertise as well as cross-industry know-how.

Through our corporate venture capital AeroCity Tech Ventures, Digital Aero Technologies is set to invest 20 mln USD into up-and-coming companies and brave individuals ready to introduce innovative technologies, smart ideas and unique outlook to the aviation industry and beyond.

Our main aspiration is to build a global, market-leading technology holding company focusing on aviation technology and innovation, sustainability, and digitalisation.

Our mission is to aid in the aviation modernisation revolution by providing clients with innovative software, tools, and services.

Our vision is to become the leading aviation technology holding company, whilst relying on our core values – innovation, integrity, and sustainability.