At Digital Aero Technologies, we see sustainability not as a trend, but as a necessity. Therefore, we continuously strive to implement best ESG Responsibility practices at our group companies and encourage them to show productiveness in leading sustainable operations.

Pillars of Digital Aero Technologies’ Corporate governance




ESG Responsibility

Environmental Sustainability

As a group focused on the future and innovation, we see sustainability as one of the pillars of our strategy. Therefore, we find it incredibly important that our group companies would invest in sustainable operations and business practices, so we constantly encourage our members to search for new ways to make the world a better, more eco-friendly place. We strive to create a more eco-conscious environment by encouraging our teams to restrain from travelling to the office or choose eco-friendly transportation to do so, to invest in energy-saving equipment, to purchase green energy, etc.

One of our goals is to work towards and ensure that by 2023 our group companies would be completely carbon neutral.

Furthermore, we are proud that our member companies, such as EV Motors and Nordic Dino, not only lead sustainable operations themselves but also support other companies and individuals on their sustainability journey.

Social Responsibility

Beyond Sustainability, which includes not only our business goals but also our work environment and community impact, we manage wider ESG considerations, including broader social aspects such as inclusion and diversity.

At Digital Aero Technologies, we believe in equal opportunities for every employee, regardless of their sex, nationality or religion. Put together, the group’s companies have almost 600 employees, of which 48% are female and 52% male.

We brought together diverse management teams and encourage individuals with different backgrounds and of all stages of life to work in harmony to come up with smart ideas and strong solutions for our businesses.

Corporate governance

Digital Aero Technologies’ governance model and model take into account the latest international and national practices. We believe that good corporate governance practices help to build an environment of trust, transparency and accountability necessary for fostering successful and strong businesses.

Our companies follow a strict set of rules of transparent business management, ensuring clear and accurate accounting methods. Group companies put a lot of importance on business security and follow Know Your Customer (KYC)  identity verification practices to assess and monitor customer risk. We conduct business only with clients who are lawful and have a reliable track record of their activities, seek to fully comply with the regulatory requirements in connection to anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism, international and national sanctions. To achieve that, the company and its subsidiaries thoroughly examine all of their clients, suppliers and partners and has a relevant regulatory compliance system in place.

We believe that with the help of clear and concise governing, we can grow sustainable and successful businesses and inclusive communities.