AeroCity Tech Ventures are on a mission to fund the next big aviation tech wonder. The venture capital foundation invests in people and companies that want to introduce innovative technologies, smart ideas and unique outlook to the aviation industry and beyond.

At AeroCity Tech Ventures, we recognise the need to modernise and digitalise the aviation industry. Therefore, we make investments into businesses and ideas that can improve aviation processes, technologies and operations. From training to management, to supply chain – there’s space for improvement in all areas of aviation.

The fund invests in aviation technology start-ups and companies around the world with the goal of finding the next big tech wonder to change the industry. AeroCity Tech Ventures can fund and accelerate the growth of businesses and ideas as well as assist companies in achieving purposeful and stable development.

As a successful venture capital fund, AeroCity Tech Ventures not only invests in companies but also helps them improve every step of the way. AeroCity Tech Ventures team believes that great ideas need to be presented the right way by the right people. Therefore the corporate venture capital works with start-ups and up-and-coming companies to help them attract the best talent to develop unique ideas and technologies. Additionally, AeroCity Tech Ventures provide the tools and know-how of product marketing and brand awareness to give the businesses the best means to enter the market with a bang.


Julius Norkūnas,

New Technology Manager at Avia Solutions Group

Technology and innovation enthusiast with many years of experience in Fintech, Blockchain, IoT, technology and FDI.

After finishing studies at Liverpool University, Julius grew his professional career in Lithuania, leading and mentoring technology teams.

Daumantas Mockus,

Chief Business Development Officer at Avia Solutions Group

With over 12 years of experience in investment banking, Daumantas has helped many companies manage their finances, mergers and acquisitions, and investments.

D. Mockus is highly experienced in business acquisition, restructuring, integration and the search for new development opportunities for companies and assets.