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Aeroclass.org e-learning platform merges modern technologies and the best human experience to create a learning environment tailored exactly to the student’s needs. By uniting aviation organisations and passionate aviation professionals who are eager to share their knowledge and vast experience, Aeroclass.org mission is to pioneer the modernisation and digitalisation of old-school learning.

The company offers industry-specific online courses, from civil aviation, airline or group operations, cargo, law and aviation regulations. By presenting pre-recorded online sessions Aeroclass.org gives students the freedom to choose when and how to learn. Combining carefully constructed training courses with the latest technological advances, along with the real-time experience of true aviation professionals, Aeroclass.org is disrupting the landscape of aviation training in a completely modern and innovative manner.

A team of over 50 world-recognized aviation experts
450,000 website visits per year globally
10,000 registered users annually
23,000 individuals attended their online events
Hours of courses
400 hours of globally recognized aviation courses
Aeroclass.org website

AeroTime Hub is a global multi-channel digital hub paving the way forward for people-oriented aviation media and business solutions by combining world-class breaking news, aviation intelligence, recruitment events and solutions.

The hub is currently comprised of six brands ‒ AeroTime News, AviationCV.com, Recruitment, Events, Pilot Training and AIR Convention ‒ the hub is a digital gateway for aviation professionals and industry stakeholders.

Important facts

  • 1 000 000+ Monthly Unique Visitors
  • 1 200 000+ Monthly Website Audience
  • 9+ Years Of Experience
  • Database of 200 000 aviation professionals from all over the world

AeroTime News

AeroTime News is a global information channel focused on the aviation sector. With the help of a dedicated team of experts, AeroTime News delivers breaking news and aviation industry analysis to aviation professionals and enthusiasts. AeroTime news site has a dedicated and growing monthly audience of over 1 000 000 unique users.

AeroTime Recruitment

AeroTime Recruitment provides recruitment support to companies looking for flight crew, cabin crew, engineers, instructors and ground staff. With a database of over 60 thousand job seekers, the company successfully places hundreds of candidates in permanent and seasonal jobs. Additionally, AeroTime Recruitment works with pilots to build their flying hours to help them meet their career goals.


AviationCV.com is one of the aviation industry’s leading job boards, helping airlines and aviation professionals to get together. The job board attracts over 10 thousand postings annually, with 150 thousand monthly visitors, reaching over 400 thousand at the peak of the annual recruitment cycle.

AviationCV.com has already earned recognition among lots of aviation specialists – pilots, engineers, cabin crew, executive personnel and other aviation professionals – and recruiters from all over the world.

3 million unique visitors per month
Highly influential readership
41% of readers are C-level executives
It has 350,000 social media followers
AeroTime's website

Air Convention Digital Week is a unique digital project launched by AIR Convention in 2020, in reaction to the need for online aviation conferences. It was the largest dedicated online aviation event where over 72 000 people viewed the live stream over 5 days.

The conference was the first in the industry to incorporate a concrete online networking platform that welcomed 250 leading aviation executives within the framework of AIR Connections.

Important facts

  • 1000 hours of total watch time
  • Over 72 000 live stream views
  • 464 000 total social media impressions
  • 250 leading aviation executives on online networking platform
1000 hours of total watch time
Air Convention's website

AviationCV.com is one of the largest aviation job boards in the world valued by both aviation businesses and individual professionals. The company’s mission is to help airlines and aviation professionals to get together and they have already earned recognition among lots of aviation specialists and recruiters from all over the world.

AviationCV.com audience consists of pilots, engineers, cabin crew, executive personnel and other aviation professionals. The online jobs board attracts over 10 thousand postings annually, with 150 thousand monthly visitors, reaching over 400 thousand at the peak of the annual recruitment cycle.

The platform’s database comprises of 130,000 profiles
Job seekers
During the peak, the site reaches over 400,000 visitors
Job postings
AviationCV.com website

Enginestands.com is an aircraft engine stand and tool leasing service for airlines, MROs, engine repair shops, leasing companies, freight forwarders, and other customers around the world. The ISO certified company offers leasing of high-quality equipment for the customer’s chosen period of time, allowing them to productively carry out maintenance operations that suit their schedule.

All the company’s engine stands are checked against the highest standards and stringent quality requirements. Stands are built according to OEM specifications and fully approved by the engine OEM. Worldwide shipping for all leasing orders is also available. Enginestands.com aims to provide engine stands to clients as quickly as possible, and so contribute to the success of each client’s projects.

Enginestands.com offers leasing of stands for CFM56-7, CFM56-5A/B, V2500, PW4000 and TRENT-700 engines and various aircraft tools.

Engine stands' types
CFM56-3, CFM56-5A/B, CFM56-7, LEAP-1A, and more
Engine stands
Enginestands.com operate in 7 locations globally
Hours of usage
Last year, the company’s engine stands were used for 83,192 hours
Enginestands.com website

EVmotors.eu – trustworthy dealer of 100% electric vehicles delivering best services within Europe. The company runs an online marketplace that allows ecologically conscious consumers to test and purchase modern electric vehicles and EV infrastructure.

The company deals SERES EV, allowing clients to order vehicles online.

SERES electric vehicles were founded in Silicon Valley and are manufactured in China. The well-thought-out and sleek design combined with intelligent technologies and excellent performance – that’s what the modern city SUV is all about. Stay tuned and be the first one to test drive SERES.

EVmotors.eu provides modern charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and delivers green-energy solutions with a focus on efficiency and sustainability. As an expert in charging infrastructure, the company offers high-performance charging stations, equipment maintenance solutions and other comprehensive services.

Starting as an aircraft spare parts trading marketplace, Locatory.com, now is one of the leaders in the business, with 12.1 billion aircraft parts in its marketplace’s database for commercial and military aviation. Also, Locatory.com is a leading professional aviation IT solution company, that strives to bring innovative, efficient and creative tools for their customers, by providing a broad range of services developed by experienced specialists in partnership with various aviation companies.

Important facts

  • The No. 1 aircraft parts marketplace in the Eastern hemisphere and one of the 3 largest premium aircraft parts locator companies in the world.
  • 12.1 Billion parts listed
  • 8.2 Billion parts supplied
  • More than 100 000 RFQs per month
  • In 2012 Locatory.com introduced the Supplier Management Tool, created exceptionally for buyers.
  • In 2014 Locatory.com presented a game-changer to the aviation aftermarket industry by introducing an Artificial Intelligence-based Engine called Amber. The tool was created to speed up the process of finding aircraft spare parts and MRO services.
A database of 50 million unique aircraft parts
Locatory.com has over 17,000 marketplace users
A database of 50 million unique aircraft parts
Locatory.com has over 17,000 marketplace users
Locatory.com website

MOMook is an intelligent business and training management system tailored for aviation training centres and airlines. It is a modern smart software solution that allows companies to improve their day-to-day processes and solve their management and operational issues in a single environment.

MOMook is an easy-to-use flexible tool used for scheduling, document tracking, reports, student progress, maintenance, and repair operations, etc., that can be used as both web-based as well as on-premises software.

The MOMook team consists of aviation pioneers, strategic thinkers, and innovators who are passionate about new-technology solutions developed for aviation training centres.

MOMook's website

NORDIC DINO is the world-leading manufacturer of exterior aircraft cleaning robots. The robots serve airlines and ground handlers worldwide, across both commercial and military sectors. Incorporating a highly advanced, computerised, and fully self-contained system, NORDIC DINO ensures a safe and efficient exterior aircraft cleaning process.

The NORDIC DINO system consists of a mobile power unit, spray nozzles and rotating cleaning brushes powered by a lightweight remote control that permits safe and simple one-man operation. The company offers 3 aircraft washing robot models.

For almost 40 years, the company has been offering services allowing clients to cut costs by reducing fuel consumption, optimising processes that cut on-ground and maintenance time, facilitate the automation of operations, along helping reduce environmental impact via smart resource usage, while leveraging new technologies.

The company has 40 years of experience
Hours saved
The robot reduces 91 hours per wash on an Airbus A380
Times shorter wash hours
Times shorter operations
Nordic Dino's website

FL Technics Online Training is an EASA Part 147-Approved Maintenance Training Organisation that provides aviation technical training solutions around the globe. With over 25 years of experience in aircraft maintenance training, today FL Technics Online Training supports more than 170 clients from Europe, Asia, and Latin America as well as the Middle East and Africa.

With regard to training types, the company offers both theoretical and practical courses. The scope of authorisation includes Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer narrow- and wide-body aircraft.

FL Technics Online Training also offers a wide range of specialised courses covering everything from human factors, fuel tank safety and regulations, to engine run-ups, aircraft type recurrent training, and component maintenance/overhauls.

The 25+ years of experience in the industry
The program has certified over 15,000 students worldwide
Over 45,000 hours per year of training worldwide
FL Technics Training‘s website

Sensus AERO is an IT company that creates smart tools for aviation business management. The company uses the newest technologies and the most effective IT team management methods, such as scrum and AGILE, to reach the best result every step of the way.

Sensus AERO products fall into two categories of ERP (enterprise resource planning) software for the management of individual aviation business lines. The first ERP solution is specifically designed for the management of MRO and hangar daily operations. Another ERP is focused on the management of airports and ground handling operations. This tool allows for separate functionalities for fuelling, catering, de-icing aircraft preparation, personal planning. Both business lines have separate dedicated IT teams.

Ground Handling ERP

An easy-to-use, modern, web-based operation management solution created by industry professionals with 20 years of hands-on experience in airport ground handling. Sensus Aero gives clients a single tool to plan, control and monitor all their daily procedures. From scheduling and resource distribution to task execution, post-operational statistics and automated invoice issuance – Sensus Aero covers the full cycle of a flight’s ground handling. Sensus Aero can be easily adapted to manage certain operations separately, like fueling, de-icing, passenger registration or any other task. The system will is customised according to client needs at a specific station and can cover various integrations with other software.


Sensus Aero MRO tool meets every aviation MRO need as it is developed specifically for aviation MRO organisations working hand in hand with the most experienced industry practitioners in Europe. Highly functional, module-based Sensus MRO adds new value to a standard: complements Quantum Control system with high value-added modules or enhances existing modules with new functionalities making processes more efficient. The implementation of Sensus MRO minimises the risks related to a software change, it is fast and cost-effective.

The software is unique in the market. It is designed around best practices in aircraft LEAN operations aiming to make MRO processes more efficient. The system helps to optimise MRO operations and create processes that need less human effort and less time.

More efficient
The customers noticed a 30% increase in efficiency
Increased productivity
Sensus Aero‘s website