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Beyond the engines, interiors, and mechanical components that make planes soar, the exterior cleanliness of an aircraft is paramount not only for aesthetic appeal but also for safety and compliance with stringent hygiene regulations. The global aircraft exterior cleaning services market is poised for unprecedented growth driven by factors such as rising air travel demand, and rigorous hygiene regulations.

The global aircraft exterior cleaning services market is expected to reach $2.06 billion by 2030, up from $1.02 billion in 2022. This robust growth, at a CAGR of 7.5%, is primarily driven by the escalating demand for air travel worldwide. This matches the opinion shared by Jo Alex Tanem, CEO of Nordic Dino, a leading manufacturer of an innovative and semi-automatic family of Nordic Dino aircraft exterior cleaning robots who states, “The demand for aircraft exterior cleaning services is set to grow exponentially in the coming years.”  This remarkable expansion can be attributed to key factors that are reshaping the aviation industry according to Tanem.

Rising Demand for Air Travel

As the world’s population becomes increasingly interconnected, the demand for air travel continues to soar. More people are taking to the skies for business, leisure, and a myriad of other reasons, resulting in a higher volume of aircraft in operation. According to Tanem, “This surge in air traffic necessitates the need for regular and efficient aircraft exterior cleaning services to maintain both the safety and hygiene standards of these planes.”

Safety and Hygiene Regulations

The aviation industry is known for its strict safety and hygiene regulations. To ensure passenger safety and aircraft longevity, airlines must adhere to these standards meticulously. The commitment to maintaining cleanliness and safety standards creates a demand for specialized exterior cleaning services that can meet the industry’s rigorous requirements. The COVID-19 pandemic heightened the awareness and importance of hygiene in the aviation industry. Both airlines and passengers are now more conscious of the need for heightened hygiene practices, as a clean and safe environment is crucial, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, in the post-pandemic era, hygiene and safety remain paramount concerns in the aviation industry. Regulatory bodies worldwide have implemented rigorous standards for aircraft cleanliness to ensure passenger well-being. This means says Tanem, “Airlines and operators must adhere to these regulations, making the services of aircraft exterior cleaning companies more critical than ever.”

As the aviation industry faces increasing scrutiny over its environmental impact, companies must rise to the challenge of developing eco-friendly cleaning solutions and adopting environmentally responsible practices, aligning themselves with the industry’s growing sustainability requirements as the global aircraft exterior cleaning services market grows to match rising air travel demands.  Nordic Dino, as part of the Avia Solutions Group family, the world’s largest ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) providers, is not just meeting market demand, but doing so with a sustainable approach. As Tanem explains, “At Nordic Dino, we have invested heavily in cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to meet this demand efficiently. Our mission is not just to keep planes clean but to contribute to the overall safety and passenger experience in aviation.”

As the global aircraft exterior cleaning services market continues to reach new heights, the demand for cleaner, safer, and more attractive aircraft is not only surging but also being met which in turn can save costs, increase efficiency, and help aviation companies keep pace with industry trends.