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Sensus Aero, a new-gen software solution for the aviation industry, has signed a partnership agreement with Fugo Aviation, a Turkish Ground Services Company with 30 years of experience. Under the 3-year-long agreement, Sensus Aero will provide resource planning, rostering, and real-time management software solutions to optimise the company’s operations at Istanbul and Antalya airports.

Renata Sumskaite, CEO at Sensus Aero, shared: “After a period of rapid growth, during which Fugo Aviation expanded its ground handling team from approximately 70 individuals to over 500, the company found itself in search of a seasoned and knowledgeable partner possessing specialised aviation expertise and cutting-edge solutions. We, at Sensus Aero, are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art software solutions, to assist Fugo Aviation in scaling its operations efficiently, satisfying the increasing demand, optimising the utilisation of both human and capital resources, and seamlessly adapting to dynamic environments and situations in real-time.”

According to her, Sensus Aero’s modular design for both online and mobile applications and its customer-centric phased implementation is a useful resource for organisations seeking to manage change and stimulate growth.

Mr. Kürşat Ulutaş, General Manager at Fugo Aviation, said: “Our choice to collaborate with Sensus Aero wasn’t just business—it was an alignment of vision, values, and commitment. Their team’s expertise, combined with their genuine passion for understanding our needs, made our decision clear.”

Sensus Aero is part of Avia Solutions Group, the world’s largest ACMI provider, operating a fleet of 192 passenger and cargo aircraft worldwide.