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To underline the importance of future technologies and innovation for the aviation and aerospace industries, Digital Aero Technologies (DAT) encompasses a diverse spectrum of forward-facing aviation companies involved in multiple technology-driven aviation sectors.

Through its corporate venture capital AeroCity Tech Ventures, Digital Aero Technologies is set to invest 20 mln USD into up-and-coming companies and brave individuals ready to introduce innovative technologies, smart ideas and unique outlook to the aviation industry and beyond.

Currently, the growing Digital Aero Technologies community unites over 600 passionate tech professionals worldwide who work in harmony to create the next industry-changing invention. Together, the holding companies have over 250k followers on social media channels and receive over 1,5 mln monthly visits to their websites.


Digital Aero Technologies is an international holding uniting a group of technology-driven aviation companies, covering various tech areas and fields – from news and recruitment to smart tools and online platforms.


At Digital Aero Technologies we believe that technology has the power to build a brighter future for everyone. Therefore we find it incredibly important that our group companies would invest in sustainable operations and business practices so we constantly encourage our members to search for new ways to make the world a better, more eco-friendly place.

We are proud that our member companies, such as EV Motors and Nordic Dino, not only lead sustainable operations themselves but also support other companies and individuals in their sustainability journey.