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Digital Aero Technologies, a technology-driven holding, established by a global aviation services group Avia Solutions Group, has announced a new addition to the digital family. The aviation companies’ holding has been joined by Sensus Aero, a new-gen aviation software expert.

The Digital Aero Technologies holding has been established last year, with the goal of uniting tech-focused companies, encouraging innovation and sharing of know-how. “We are on a constant lookout for potential additions to our holding,” says Julius Norkunas, Digital Aero Technologies CEO. “We want to cover a wide array of areas and fields – from news and recruitment to smart tools and online platforms – and include a diverse set of businesses, focused on digital solutions and technological advancements.”

Through its corporate venture capital AeroCity Tech Ventures, Digital Aero Technologies have been actively investing in new and already running businesses to encourage and support growth. “There is so much potential for aviation technologies and solutions, thus we are determined to support companies on their innovation journeys. We have allocated 20 million euros to invest in businesses and ideas that have the potential to have a great positive impact on the aviation industry. We have already invested some funds in our new companies and have plans to provide support for development to even more great businesses,” Julius Norkunas shared.

One of such companies, set to receive investment, is Sensus Aero. The newest addition to the holding will receive a 2.3 million Euro investment to reinforce its growth and development plans. “We see a lot of potential in Sensus Aero. We believe that the new-gen solutions, offered by Sensus Aero, tackle many important issues that aviation businesses are facing and can have a great impact on the whole aviation industry. We trust that Sensus Aero can leave an important mark on the aviation industry, thus are a great choice for investment,” says Julius Norkunas.

Offering modern solutions for aviation businesses

“It is widely regarded that, due to ineffective internal processes and complex software design, productivity in the aviation industry is reduced by 20-30%. And we have solutions that can tackle this issue. Sensus Aero is a new-gen software solution for the aviation industry,” says Romas Butkevicius, CEO of Sensus Aero. “We provide a scalable modern digital platform for more automated aero processes management and operations. While other existing systems are complicated, difficult, and much more prone to human error, Sensus Aero excels in automation, user experience, and process design.”

Sensus Aero products fall into three categories of ERP (enterprise resource planning) software for the management of individual aviation business lines: MRO, Ground Handling, and Fuelling, currently totalling to 44 modules and growing.

Sensus MRO tool meets every aviation MRO need as it is developed specifically for aviation MRO organisations by working hand in hand with the most experienced industry practitioners in Europe. Highly functional, module-based Sensus MRO minimises the risks related to a software change, is fast and cost-effective, and, according to research, increases the efficiency by up to 70%.

Sensus GH is an easy-to-use, modern, web-based operation management solution created by industry professionals with 20 years of hands-on experience in airport ground handling. Sensus GH gives clients a single tool to plan, control and monitor all their daily procedures. From scheduling and resource distribution to task execution, post-operational statistics, and automated invoice issuance – Sensus Aero covers the full cycle of a flight’s ground handling.

Sensus Fuelling acts as the perfect aviation fuelling management platform partner by helping to deliver positive results in operational excellence, increased productivity, and continuous performance improvement through the elimination of non-value-added practices. Sensus Fuelling offers the flexibility to manage every aspect of the aircraft fuelling process and can be tailored to match the client’s unique needs.

Big plans for the future

According to the CEO of Sensus Aero, joining Digital Aero Technologies opens new doors and possibilities for the business. “We are delighted to join the holding and believe that the generous investment will aid in our growth plans.”

He shares that the company is already on the lookout for more talent to join their team. “By the end of this year, we plan to double our workforce and keep growing for upcoming years. At the moment around 35 incredible professionals are already working for Sensus Aero, and yet we have big plans thus we hope to significantly increase our team to meet the growing market demands and have enough human recourses to continue developing our products. We plan to look for people to fill various positions – software development engineers,  sales, marketing and others,” Romas Butkevicius explains.

The company is already actively growing, now tackling the Scandinavian region. “Sensus Aero has already started to implement our software products in Helsinki airport, and plans to continue the implementation in 14 more airports in the Scandinavian region,” Romas Butkevicius, the CEO of Sensus Aero, said.